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    Instant Access to Membership Site

    The information hub of of our tribe, this is where all the resources will be housed so you can always find them quickly and easily.

Life is too short to dig through Facebook searches to find your workouts, so I've put them all at your fingertips here.

  • New Workout Programs Every 6 Weeks
  • Nourishment Handbook
  • Form Video Library
  • Members Only Discussion Forum - Coming Soon!
  • Newsletter Archive - Coming Soon!
  • Additional Resources Continually Being Added!
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    Exclusive Facebook Group

    Looking for a tribe of strong, supportive, funny women? Look no further.

Magic happens when women come together to lift each other up.  If you've been looking for a group of friends who care about your healthy, active journey, join us!

  • Monthly wellness themes
  • The magic of sisterhood
  • New friends
  • Community Support
  • Engaging Discussions
  • Weekly Facebook Live

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    Habit of the Month

    Exclusive trainings and content right to your email box every month

Every month we will focus on strengthening a different healthy habit that works in our own lives.  Some things I have planned in the next 6 months:

  • Gratitude Practice
  • Hydration
  • Special Occasion Strategies
  • Feeding Your Muscle
  • Rest and Recovery
  • Incorporating More Produce

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    Growing Exercise Video Database

    A home gym warriors dream and the library I wished I had when I started!

No more confusing and time consuming google or YouTube searches to find the exercise your distance trainer intended for your program.  Your time is valuable, so I've added videos for all your workouts to take the guesswork out of your workouts.

  • Body Weight Movements
  • Dumbbell Training
  • Barbell Training
  • Unconventional Tools
  • Resistance Band Exercises
  • Warm-ups and Stretches

Love Notes From Current RRM 366 Members

This is not your ordinary fitness group, this group provides support and information on health and fitness yes BUT it also provides a tribe of bad ass women looking to better their bodies and minds with a few F bombs along the way! We support one another and lift each other up! I have been in this group for a month now and I can tell you the accountability I have is beyond any other group! I have moved my body 2+ times a week since joining and can already see and feel my fitness growing! RRM 366 is AMAZING! Join NOW!


"Amber is a breath of fresh air in what can be a very disordered industry. She gently guides you through a process of self care that impacts you physically, mentally and emotionally. Ambers approach is realistic, honest and flexible. And the community she has created is so supportive. I always leave feeling like I've been hugged 💜"


Working with Amber was the best decision I've ever made for myself. I've learned to love my strong body, how to feed it properly without vilifying food, and have met some incredibly fabulous strong women along the way! The support is HUGE!!
You won't regret it 😉💪🏻


I’ve been in a few online coaching groups, and I’ll tell you – there is nothing more healing or more motivating than figuring out that you are not alone in your thoughts and your struggles. The more you talk with other women, the more you learn about yourself. And the RMM 366 program gives you a safe, loving place to do that. Amber has engineered an approach that is caring, supportive, and non-threatening – and you can make it whatever you need it to be. There’s no judgment, only helpful and healing energy.


Hi, I'm Amber Mikaelsson

I teach women the skills to take care of themselves with movement from an empowered place of love and worthiness.

I believe that fitness is for all bodies, and that the path to vitality and self love can be found through fun movement and a community of likeminded, supportive women to cheer you on.

I'm constantly seeking out the latest information on safe, sane, fun fitness practices for women.  I hold current certifications as a Certified Personal Trainer, a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, a Specialist in Strength and Conditioning, and a Certified Pre and Postnatal Trainer.  

I am also a Body Positive Fitness Alliance Affiliated Professional and the Canadian Regional Director for the Body Positive Fitness Alliance.

Along with my work as a movement coach, I'm also a writer.  You can find the majority of my words here on Facebook, or here on my website.  If you have any questions at all about this offering or my other programs, feel free to email me here.


Easy to Navigate Web Portal

Information is easy to find on our exclusive membership website.




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Cool Features


Cups of Coffee

Fitness Is For Every Body

My community is a safe, body positive space where we cultivate habits around movement that enrich and improve our lives.  We do not judge anyone based on the way their body looks or by their level of ability.  We encourage and support each other to take care of ourselves from a place of love and good intention.  I am always available as a resource to accommodate the needs of my community with extra support via video, written instruction, and substitutions.  I believe so fully in the benefits of physical activity for all bodies that it is the foundation of my business.  I am thrilled and honoured to represent the Body Positive Fitness Alliance as Canada's Regional Director.

A Tribe of Sisters

This community is for any woman who feels isolated or lonely in her personal development journey.  For any mom who goes hours or days only speaking to tiny versions of themselves.  For every woman who has looked at a group of women and thought "wow, I wish I had that kind of support."  This is a chance to connect to some of the best people you will ever meet.  Yes, I am biased, but I believe my tribe is the most compassionate, supportive, and strong group around.  You can definitely sweat with us.

Beginner Programs for Beginners

If you have never lifted a weight in your life but are intrigued by the idea of getting stronger, this is the right place for you.  In my Getting Started manual I will teach you the fundamentals of lifting, get you moving, and progress you through to a strength training program in no time.

Other Membership Perks

  • Regular Updates

    Brand new workouts every six weeks

  • FaceBook Group

    Connect to our tribe where you already hang out

  • Great Community

    Private discussion forums on membership site

  • Form Videos

    Taking the guess work out of fitness programming

  • Mobile Friendly

    Our website is optimized for mobile device use

  • Knowledge Base

    Tons of information about healthy activity in our database

  • Lighting Speed

    Questions answered within 24 hours Monday to Friday

  • 100% Top Rated

    Current, relevant, evidence based fitness information

Love Notes From Happy Clients and Peers

I have really enjoyed working with Amber for the last year and half-ish. She is knowledgeable, kind, caring and tells it like it is. She loves variety and has encouraged me to step outside my box. I can always count on Amber to give me a push when needed!

Briana Darbyshire
Briana Darbyshire

"I've been working with Amber for almost 2 years. It really is true, if you change your mindset about food and realize it is fuel to make you happy and healthy, then you are able to make positive healthy choices even when on a diet of restaurant food. Thanks Amber for showing me this is actually possible. I feel great!"

Nadine Epp
Nadine Epp

I love this group for a few key reasons; self worth improvement, getting rid of negative self talk and empowering goals. I love the mental shift from body shaming to loving yourself as is. I catch myself saying daily "I choose peace and my body is a good body." This is a great group of ladies who are all on their own paths and that all have value and worth.

Jackie Miller
Jackie Miller

“Amber of Rural Rebel Mama, she is doing online training the way a Mom would. And I mean that as the highest of compliments. She is not just coaching but nurturing growth. I like her so much, you can look forward to seeing how we are soon working together in the interest of coaching women to healing their relationships with their bodies.”

Erin Brown
Erin Brown

Membership Pricing

Provided your subscription stays current, you will never pay more than your introductory rate.

RRM 366 Membership
$49.97Per Month
  • Exercise programs for muscle building, endurance training, fat loss, recovery, and more
  • New Workouts Every Six Weeks
  • Weekly Facebook Live Discussions
  • Games and Contests
  • First Access to RRM Events
  • Private Facebook Group Coaching
  • Habit of the Month Discussion
  • Locked in Monthly Fee
  • Movement and Nourishment Topic Library


What if I don't have PayPal?

I use PayPal to handle payments because it is a trusted third party resource that does not require you to have account.  You can pay with any major credit card on their site.

What if I'm not working out right now?

This program is perfect for beginners and people who have taken a break from exercise. We’ll get you moving in fun, strong ways in no time.

I'm already taking a class I love, do I have to stop to do your program?

Absolutely not!  My goal is to help you find movement that you love, if you’ve already got an idea of what this is we are halfway there.  Make room for your interests and passions in your plan!

Will my monthly payment ever go up?

Provided your account remains in good standing your payments will never increase.

Will there be meal plans available?

No.  The program has nourishment resources but they are focused on how your body uses food for fuel, especially in relation to your workouts, rather than specific dietary recommendations.

What if I miss a workout?

This program is set up for your success, one workout does not determine the results of 366 days!

Cancellation Policy

Cancel your subscription with our team or in PayPal up to 24 hours before your next monthly payment is due, and we'll send you on your way with a (virtual) hug and no hard feelings.  Keep in mind that when we receive notification of your cancelation we will remove you from the site and the Facebook group immediately.

No More Sitting On The Fence